Leader for Your Digital Transformation

Leader for Your Digital Transformation

We save companies hundreds of hours per month and enable them to grow reliably by increasing the efficiency of their internal business processes. We develop solutions on our own low-code platform, with a return on investment of up to 12 months.

Join the hundreds of companies that work more efficiently thanks to Alfaveo

Why Alfaveo

Why Alfaveo

The fastest development

You can have a working prototype of a complex system within 10 days.

Business thinking

With decades of working in corporations, we understand your needs.

Functionality without compromise

Our speed of development does not compromise quality.

We save your money

We design all of our solutions to return your investment in savings within a year.

A reliable solution with a clear financial return

We approach all solutions with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and return on your investment within the first year after implementation. Although we deliver customized business applications, the real outcome and goal is financial and capacity savings for your company.



Low-code competitive advantage

Low-code competitive advantage

Everything you read is made possible by our own low-code development platform and our sister company Jetveo. Thanks to it, we build the solution in our own environment, so you can be sure to have full control over your system. Unlike other software companies, we are not limited by the system we work in.

The fastest enterprise application development on the market

The fastest enterprise application development

Functional prototype of a customized system within 10 days & complete application in weeks or months. We achieve this speed thanks to our proprietary low-code platform, which has been developed specifically for the development of complex enterprise applications, allowing us to create solutions in a fraction of the time of our competitors.

Read about us in the media

The speed of development and the advanced capabilities of our Jetveo platform also caught the attention of the CzechCrunch editors. Find out what makes us at the forefront of the Czech low-code enterprise application development scene.

Long-term partnership for the digitalisation of your business

Long-term partnership for the digitalisation of your business

We have decades of corporate experience and have developed hundreds of complex systems that manage processes in mid-sized and multi-billion dollar companies. We are a long-term partner for our clients and help them to digitalize their companies for higher profits.

The results speak for themselves


„Two years ago, you would have seen piles of papers in my office. Now we have a unified app where we efficiently handle all projects.“

Jan Mathis Laackmann


Národní Divadlo

„What someone has been telling you all along that it's not possible, you find out it is possible and that you have it done the next day. That's what's absolutely great about Alfaveo.“

Dagmar Růžičková

Head of Economics and Administration


„Now, looking back, it's a big question whether we would have been able to grow this quickly in recent years with our legacy system.“

Sylva Pavelová


Brasche Immobilien

„Managing digital communication through the Alfaveo application is one of the main reasons why clients choose to collaborate with us.“

Robert Langen



„Even what we thought couldn't be solved, Dalibor and Marcel usually resolved it. The application is absolutely trouble-free for us and exactly as we need it.“

Zuzana Lálová


Let's get in touch

Let's get in touch

At a no-obligation consultation we will discuss how we can help you.

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